• XL-Floor

    XL-Floor is the most thermally efficient flooring system available on the market that is suitable for class 1 -10 buildings.
    XL-Floor is available in either 75mm or 100mm
    XL-Floor provides an R rating of up to R2.9.
    XL-Floor is Australian made.
    XL-Floor has Uniform load and Concentrated load that meet or exceed the design limits of AS1170-2002, AS1170.1-2002 and EN1991-1-1

Non-Combustible Water-Resistant Mould and Mildew Resistant Termite Resistant Impact Resistant




XL-Floor Insulated Flooring System with up to R3.00

XL-Floor combines both a floor substrate and embedded insulation to provide a lightweight multi-purpose substrate structural insulated floor. XL-Floor provides exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation ratings. Having an insulated barrier between floors ensures that sound transmission is minimised between levels. With an enclosed system, inter-floor noise, and flanking noise is minimised giving you and those around you peace of mind.

XL-Floor Can be used in a range of applications:

Internal and External
Suspended floors
Multi-level construction
Stump construction on steel or timber frame
Studios or granny flats
Transportable homes and offices
Multi-story Application
Cellar floors

Benefits and Features

  • Excellent Thermal resistance
  • Excellent workability
  • Speed of Installation
  • Excellent Uniform and Concentrated Load capability
  • Mould and Mildew Resistant
  • Complies with AS ISO 9293.1 Critical Radiant Flux
  • Extremely Solid floor with no bounce
  • Ease of Installation
  • Can be surface finished with tiles, vinyl, and carpet
  • Can be used internal or external
  • Four Panel Configurations to reduce waste
  • Can be joined off-joist

XL-Floor panels can be fixed in many configurations that would not previously be possible. The spline-based joints ensure the rigidity of the system even with off-joist jointing.

Off-joist panel jointing completely removes the requirement for cutting back flooring substrates to end-meet on a joist. This not only saves material and the environment, but also saves time and labour costs.

With four different panel configurations available, starting at the corner of a room. This construction methodology reduces installation time, and hence significantly reduces the total material and install cost per square metre.

Corner Panel Long Wall Panel


Mid Panel

Short Wall Panel

The process of laminating the componentry together, combined with the proprietary, independently certified jointing systems means that XL-Floor can achieve improved performance benefits over other comparable products available.

XL-Floor standard panel size is 2400x1200mm and 75mm thick, weight 75kg per panel. For ease of installation, there are 4 different panel configurations to choose from, depending on the particulars of your job

XL-Floor is suitable for Class 1 – building construction.

XL-Floor is a light-weight flooring insulating system. Over the years there have been many systems designed to keep the substrate of a building from leaching cold through the floor.

These systems include

 Electric Floor Heating

Electic floor heating system


Whilst the costs associated with Electric are usually cheaper, the long term costs can escalate without  realising it.





Hydronic Floor heating

Hydronic floor heating system


Whilst the Running costs of a Hydronic system are usually lower, the installation costs can be quite significant





Why pay additional installation costs and on-going running costs when you can have one flooring system that gives you all these benefits and more?

XL-Floor is available in 2 thicknesses with different core combinations providing R ratings from R2.1 – R3.0. Higher ratings can be achieved if required.
Self Contained Dwellings Uniform Load Concentrated Load
General areas – private kitchens and laundries 1500Pa 1800N
Balconies and roof used for floor types activities<1m above ground 1500Pa 1500Nm
Balconies and roof used for floor types activities>1m above ground 2000Pa 1800N
Non-habitable roof spaces in self-contained dwellings 500Pa 1400N
General areas – Bedrooms – Hospital wards – Hotel rooms – Toilet areas 2000Pa 1800N
Balconies and roof used for floor type activities with community access 4000N 1800N

Spans for XL-Floor 75mm




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