• MEGABOARD Eaves and Soffit Lining

    MEGABOARD - is a perfect eaves and soffit lining. With an excellent flat surface that is easily painted on site, MEGABOARD complies with BAL 40 requirements in bushfire prone environments.

Non-Combustible Water-Resistant Mould and Mildew Resistant Termite Resistant Impact Resistant

Eaves Lining

Eaves and Soffit Linings

MEGABOARD™ is magnesia cementitious board with properties that make it ideally suitable for eaves lining and soffit lining. With a flat even surface that is easily painted on site. MEGABOARD™ is approximately 20% lighter than equivalent fibre cement sheeting.

Timber and steel frame construction

MEGABOARD™ eaves and soffit lining is suitable for use in timber and steel frame construction both for new residential and renovations and additions.

BAL 40 Compliant

MEGABOARD™ is non-combustible and is compliant with AS 3959 – 2009 (including. Amendment
Numbers I, 2 and 3) c1. 8.6.6 (c).

Ease of installation.
  • MEGABOARD™ eaves and soffit lining can be supplied in pre-cut sheets for ease of installation.
  • MEGABOARD™ can be installed with PVC joiners or butt joint with cover battens.
  • MEGABOARD™ is resistant to water deformation, does not rot or attract mould and mildew.
Product Code Thickness mm Length mm Width mm Weight kg
MB-MD1333 6 2400 450 6.97
MB-MD1332 6 2400 600 9.07
MB-MD1331 6 2400 750 10.9
MB-MD133 6 2400 1200 18.14


Eaves and Soffit details

Eaves and Soffit details

Horizontal fixing detail

PVC fixing detail

Butt joint

Butt joint detail


  Press picture for closer detail