• Villa

    The Villa is a sleek sophisticated fencing system that dresses up the font of a house. The Villa is built with an adjustable pygmy wall and with a slat system in which slats can be spaced according to personal preference. Slats are aluminium and are available in a wood-grain and solid colours.

Non-Combustible Water-Resistant Mould and Mildew Resistant Termite Resistant Impact Resistant


The Villa fence is designed for the home owner who wants to have a decorative element to their fence. The pygmy wall can be raised to what-ever level the home owner would like and the aluminium slats can be spaced as required.


The unique post system for the Villa provides the platform for the pillars as well as the fixing point for the slat system. Manufactured using 2 x 75x75x2mm RHS with an internal spreader only one of the posts is required to be fully set in the ground (1/3rd of fence height) with the other post only having to be based 100mm. Please see Post specifications below for details.

Post Specifications

2 x 75x75x2mm with 2 x 150mm spreader galvanised

Panel specifications

Length     2400
Height     1200
Width      90mm

Fences can be built to most standard heights as panels can be cut to height.

Standard Fence Heights

1800mm – 2100mm

DIY Fencing Solution

ReGen Building Solutions has spent significant time in designing and developing a system that can be built by either an installer or a home handy person.

Call ReGen Building today to assist you in determining the best option for you.


Villa Build System